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About State of Diabetes

The State of Diabetes, an annual event organized by the American Diabetes Association┬« (ADA), serves as a pivotal gathering uniting influential figures across various sectors. This event brings together employers, industry leaders, healthcare providers, payers, and community experts on a shared platform. The primary objective is to engage in critical discussions addressing the contemporary landscape of diabetes, the financial impact on employers and their employees, leveraging ADA resources, and featuring an expert panel along with a networking session. 


The event fosters collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among diverse stakeholders. Key areas of focus include: 

  • Employer engagement: Addressing the substantial cost of diabetes to employers and strategizing on implementing effective workplace wellness programs and support systems. 
  • Advocacy and policy change: Empowering attendees to advocate for policy changes that support diabetes prevention, management, and increased access to resources. 
  • ADA resource showcase: Highlighting and demonstrating the utilization of ADA resources for enhanced diabetes care, education, and support. 
Key features: 
  • Expert insights: Comprehensive panel discussion led by distinguished experts offering insights into a topic impacting diabetes and our community.  
  • Networking session: Facilitate networking opportunities, enabling attendees to connect, share insights, and foster collaborations to advance diabetes care, management, and prevention in our community. 
  • ADA resources: Showcasing a comprehensive range of ADA resources available for stakeholders, emphasizing their utilization for improved diabetes management, prevention, and support. 
  • Action-oriented toolkit: Post-event, provide an actionable toolkit summarizing key insights and strategies, enabling practical implementation in respective sectors. 

The State of Diabetes event strives to drive tangible outcomes: 

  • Empowering attendees with insights from expert panelists to catalyze change in diabetes care, workplace wellness, and advocacy efforts. 
  • Enabling networking sessions to forge collaborations and partnerships that transcend the event, fostering ongoing initiatives in diabetes care, workplace wellness, and advocacy. 
  • Leveraging ADA resources to equip stakeholders with tools and information for effective diabetes management, prevention, education, and support in our community. 
  • Providing an actionable toolkit for attendees, translating discussions into implementable strategies, and ensuring sustained efforts post-event. 


The mission of the American Diabetes Association is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.